Aug 2022 - Apr 2023
Product manager. Financial and HR services in a corporate app.

• Development of product vision, roadmap, and customer journey.
• Preparation of user stories, use cases, mock-ups, and non-functional requirements.
• Writing technical and user documentation for products.
• Development processes support.

Achievements: launched 4 successful MVP's; increased conversion rate to purchase by 30%; expanded the average bill
by 10%.
Mood tracker for employees
The main concept is to give a well-being thermometer to junior and middle developers so they could track their burn out.

The sphere is a reference to Diablo UI.
May 2020 - Jun 2022
Product Manager. Bank loyalty programs.

• Product vision development and strategy implementation.
• Marketing and PR management.
• User interviews.
• Development of prototypes.
• Brand identity update.

Achievements: involved Gazprombank in loyalty program development; launched MVP of the insurance loyalty program; reproduced the company's services and marketing kit.
Before / After
Apr 2019 - May 2020
Product Manager. Green factory-manufactured houses.

• Product strategy implementation.
• Marketing strategy development.
• Customer development.
• Customer journey map development.
• Websites creation.
• Sales Team training.
• Business problem resolution by Python and SQL.

Achievements: predicted, tested, and defended in front of the stakeholders an idea to launch ONE 100 house, which has fulfilled monthly pre-order KPI in a day; launched 5 additional advertising channels: Beeline Programmatic, Geo-Ads, Ya.Dzen, Facebook Ads and SEO; increased SMM engagement rate by 32%, amount of daily leads by 18%.
Website prototype
Feb 2018 - Apr 2024
Head of Product. Parcel and dangerous goods delivery aggregator.

• Commercial department supervision.
• Product vision formation and strategy implementation.
• Product management.
• Customer development.
• Websites creation.
• Weekly tests of marketing hypotheses.

Achievements: created a startup of co-founders: CEO, CMO, COO; helped to attract $207 000 from IIDF; found a prospect audience by unit economics; in 2023 SEO generates 540 leads daily.
Delivery Calculator (microservice)
Dec 2016 - Sep 2018
Marketing manager. Delivery of dangerous and oversized cargo.

• Online and offline advertising channels management.
• Content creation for social networks and YouTube.
• PR management.
• Control of the sales department by CRM.
• Development of regulations, terms of reference, and product wikipedia in Confluence.

Achievements: attracted 30 clients for free and re-established relationships with several major clients; increased lead generation to 60 leads per day with the same budget; became a speaker at MaxConference to increase brand awareness and attract enterprise leads.
Delivery Calculator (monolith)
Website prototype
Video production for my techno gig
Areas of expertise:
  • Product Management: Product concept development and MVP launch; hypotheses testing to improve the product; P&L control with positive unit economics.
  • Design: Website and interface development.
  • Marketing: Promotion and sales management; product expansion through data-driven decisions.
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